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ITS Students Participated in YL 2015

Go to international is not belong only for Indonesian actresses or actors. As university students, ‘go to international’ is important due to explore experiences, friends, and educations. Proudly, ITS students (again and again) got the chance to be the participants of Youth Lead (YL) 2015 in Bangkok, August 1-11,2015. They are Isbir Farhan (Environmental Engineering, 2013), Shatila Jihadiyah Fitri (Chemistry, 2012), and Onang Surya Nugroho (Electrical Engineering, 2012).

The YL 2015 has established as ASEAN Youth Exchange Program funded by Thailand Government,  and “Lingering the Enhancement of ASEAN Community 2015” has selected to be the theme. This was the 11 days program which participated by the delegates from ASEAN countries: Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Myanmar, Lao PDR, Cambodia, Malaysia, Brunei Darussalam, Vietnam, and the Philippiness.

The program consist of the ICONAS (International Conference of ASEAN) 2 which had 23 panels with different topics, design thinking and change maker workshops, Traditional Ghost Performance, and other sessions related to ASEAN. This program also came in the right time because it held in the same day of ASEAN’s birthday in August, 8. To remember the historical day, the committee brought the participants to the building where the Bangkok Declaration 1967 signed by originally 5 members of ASEAN.

To getting more informations about YL 2015, here the interview with Isbir (I), Shatila (S), and Onang (O).

  • How was your feeling when the committee announced you as the participant of YL 2015?

O : I was so happy and proud to be the participant this year because I failed last year.

S : So exited to have another productive holidays and introducing Indonesian cultures to my friends in ASEAN.

I : I am so happy and proud because this is my first experience to be participant in international event. And I surprised knowing there’s many students who wanted to join this event.

  • What is the important message from the one of the YL speakers that you think very relevant for our country?

O : From Prof. Suthipand Chirativat, executive director of ASEAN Studies Center. He said that as young generations, we must care and concern to the issues of ASEAN, in political-security, socio-cultural, or economy.

S : “We don’t have to wait our future from the leaders’ meeting. You are the one who responsible for your own future.” Very remarkable speech from Prof. Surichai Wun’gaeo.

I : As I saw, Thailand is well-prepared for AEC 2015. I think, Indonesia should prepare more. Like getting know the language and knowledges about another countries of ASEAN. It is the relevant one, I think.

  • What will you do next after the program?

O : I will upgrade my quality and cares about the ASEAN’s issues. This program has edited my own character value to be more care about the diversity and unity of ASEAN.

S : I have my own missions to introduce the AEC for the society; strengthen the ASEAN’s value in my organisation: BEM ITS, with make another cooperation between 10 countries’ student organisations; and I will getting know each other with another participants to exchange our cultures even we are not together again, the friendship is last forever, isn’t it?

I : I’m going to share my knowledge to my friends and my society. And I will adopted some important things to the international event in ITS such as Yes Summit ITS.

  • Do you have any message for ITS Students?

O : Even our background is engineering, we are also need to know and understand ASEAN. In the end of December 2015, we shall be in the gate of the free trade. The complete package is when skilled labours have good quality about ASEAN. Last, don’t forget to join this program next year!

S : I suprised when I met a Thai delegate who can speak Bahasa fluently. He never lived in Indonesia, but he learned Bahasa. He said that it is important to economics students to learn Bahasa because Indonesia has the largest markets and high economics growth. That’s why, my friends, be proud to be an Indonesian youth with explore your skill more and more. Don’t just play game in your gadgets. Play your brain to be more skilled up in any positive things!

I : Don’t be afraid to try to be the participant of international events. Fears decreasing your dream to contribute for your campus and Indonesia. Your engineer’s persperctives are needed! (sha)

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Kurang lebih 2 bulan lamanya kampus perjuangan ini ditinggal oleh para mahasiswa kebanggaannya untuk berlibur sejenak dari hiruk pikuk kegiatan kampus. Banyak dari pejuang rantau ini kembali ke daerah asal untuk menjalani ibadah puasa di bulan ramadhan, merayakan hari raya bersama keluarga, ataupun menyambung silaturahim dengan bertemu kawan lama. Beberapa diantaranya ada juga yang menikmati waktu libur untuk menjalani berbagai proses sidang tugas akhir,  kerja praktek, praktikum di lab, dan lain lainnya. Ada juga yang sedang dalam euforia mengurus organisasi yang baru terbentuk dalam serah terima jabatan dari pengurus lama ke yang baru, student exchange, PIMNAS, maupun banyak event besar lainnya. Namanya juga kampus perjuangan, semua harus dilalui dengan berjuang. Hasil yang terbaik akan menanti seperti indahnya pelangi yang hadir setelah hujan yang deras. Proses ini adalah sebuah pembelajaran, betapa singkat waktu menjalani hari-hari di kampus tercinta namun seberapa besar manfaat yang kita berikan padanya? karena perjuanganmu adalah ceritamu.

Pada akhirnya penghujung bulan agustus pun tiba, satu per satu mahasiswa berdatangan kembali meramaikan kampus, menghiasi sudut sudut SCC yang sempat sepi, menghidupkan kegiatan ekonomi kampus, ada pula yang asik bercengkrama dan bertegur sapa. Bagi mahasiswa tingkat akhir, ada yang sudah tidak sabar untuk segera memakai toga wisuda, bagi mahasiswa baru yang akan mengecap perjuangan di kampus, ada pula yang sudah tidak sabar memakai jaket almamater biru kebanggaan.

Selamat datang kembali pejuang. Tak sabar rasanya kita kembali bercengkrama lagi tentang hal-hal yang indah. Hal yang kerap dianggap mimpi namun tetap kita nikmati perjalanan untuk menggapainya. Rasa-rasanya berjuang disini tidak akan pernah menjadi penghujung jalan, selalu ada hal baru yang dapat kita cicipi bersama. Tak rindukah kau dengan kampus perjuangan kawan?. (Riz/Ros)